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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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his address to the un general assembly in syria. the president said the united nations must enforce a ban on chemical weapons. >> if we have not agree even on this, then it will show the united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. >> the president opened the door to a possible new relationship with iran which has a new moderate president. iran will have to stick to its promise not to develop nuclear weapons. >> to succeed, words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. >> the big question here at the un is whether president obama will meet with iran's new president. haven't met face-to-face since 1979. >> the president said for the rest of his time in office, will focus on iran's ambitions and
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the israeli conflict. >> breakthroughs on these two issues would have a positive impact on the entire middle east and north africa. >> the u.s. will remain engaged in the middle east, not just for its own security but for the interest of all. jericka duncan, cbs news, the united nations. >> president obama is also attending a health forum with former president bill clinton in new york today. the deadly siege at an nairobi shopping mall is in its 4th day. kenya officials say they are in control. explosions and gunfire continue as soldiers comb the four story complex to hunt down militants. two or more of the terrorists are american. u.s. officials are investigating. authorities say 62 people have died in the stand off. and the red cross says that dozens are still missing. here's a live look at the white house where an
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unidentified man allegedly tried to sneak on to the property early this morning. the secret service says the man tried to walk behind a vehicle that was once in the gate. he only made it a few feet into the property before agents tackled him and made an arrest. funeral services are taking place for john r johnson. johnson is one of the 12 people killed by aaron alexus -- alexis. plan to close gaps in the process which failed to pick up red flags from the gunman's background. alexis did not disclose all the details of his criminal history when he enlisted in 2007. he answered no asking questions if he'd ever been arrested or charged with a felony. he was arrested in seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a construction vehicle in what he called an
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anger fuelled blackout. the office of personnel management reports he denatured the tires. they did not learn about that arrest until after monday's attack. police are looking for vandals who toppled over a stone monument of the ten commandments on capitol hill. located behind the supreme court. a christian outreach ministry installed the tablets outside the offices about 7 years ago. the group's president says the tablets were angled so justices arriving at the court would be able to see them. dangerous mold in a family apartment sent a 9 month old baby and its mother to the hospital. it may still be impossible to get the landlord to clean up his act. >> evans will do anything to keep his little girl safe but couldn't protect her from mold.
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>> one morning at like 2:00 in the morning, i woke up out of my sleep and could not breath. >> the family rushed to the er. the diagnosis, mold exposure . 9 month old was treated by pediatrician. mom prescribed an inhaler. >> it was devastating for me as a father and trying to provide. >> the family moved. most of their furniture was destroyed. their mattresses, clothes and shoes covered in mold. >> we would hang up the towels in the morning. come back and the towels would still be damp. >> it's not a good complex at all. >> and it may surprise you but that complex is the gaited community at the reserve of eisenhower. >> we stopped by to get answers and were given an off-site manager. we called and still nothing. management sent a maintenance crew.
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admitted it was damp and offered a dehumidifier. >> it has been over 100 days. >> i've learned the health department has received reports in the past about mold here at the reserve at eisenhower. it appears all of those complaints went unresolved even though according to state law, landlords must remediate mold and provide housing while they clean up the apartment. there's no one to enforce that law. the health department does not send out inspectors to follow up on any reports of mold. >> equity residential has agreed to dry clean most clothes. the family just wants life to get back to normal. >> for my kids to be able to sleep on a regular mattress. i don't want this to happen to anyone else. >> wusa 9. >> we have just heard from the property managers and they tell
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9news that their private contractor found no mold in the apartment but they admitted there was mildew. the contractor says the apartment was damp because the tenants did not run air conditioning continuously but they could not tell us the origin of the dampness. they consider this a civil issue. coming up, we're going to show you how a ship the nazis show you how a ship the nazis have could become a floating i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli.
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cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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if you have not made plans for friday night, let me tell you about a rare treat that is happening in our city at the kennedy center friday night beginning at 8 p.m. in the concert hall. i'm talking about the shen young symphony orchestra. and here to tell me more about it is dung sean.
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thank you for being here. i've been to the dance performances. i have not had the privilege of hearing the orchestra. but i understand the music is absolutely beautiful. >> the music is absolutely beautiful. as a matter of fact, the music to your ear has a new meaning. you said you have seen the show before. >> yes. >> and accompanied by live orchestra. and this symphony orchestra is a combination of the four different together. full size 100 member. the sound is so different. >> really? and they will be performing some known pieces by beethoven. >> yes. >> but also other music. >> oh, yes. the program feature not only the familiar pieces but also original composition from the shenwin production. they combine beauty of the chinese melodies. the
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exquisite beauty with the grand dios power of the symphony orchestra. the chinese music perform on five notes. and this music is usually a major scale which is 7 notes. but combine them together, it is music is exceptional. >> there is instruments that we as americans may not be familiar with. >> for example, you probably saw the 4,000 year also called the chinese bowing. and different various percussions. this is a musical experience. one night only. >> one night only. 8:00. concert hall . there are tickets still available. we welcome you to washington and thank you for sharing your music with us. let's go to howard and get the forecast.
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>> absolutely stunning out here after that very chilly start. turning out to be a beautiful day. the mold spors are the culpret. i'll be make and talk about the weekend. maybe trouble in the latter part of the 7 for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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i've been coming through the daily emails and retailer web sites to find discount ands
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tuesday favorites for you. are you feeling stressed out? this could help. pay $45 for a private one hour stress management workshop session. this is at sunflower healing and wellness. you will learn practical breathing and relaxation techniques and this saves you 64% off. how about a happy cruise? $14 or 50% off to take a spin on the harbor bell at washington harbor. you'll find this deal on gold star. and who doesn't love a burger? pay $12 to get $20 worth of burgers, fries and drinks at four area locations. if you have an offer you've seen, i would love to hear from you on facebook. wusa 9. >> one of the most unique classrooms in the world is actually in baltimore. it is a ship that was seized from the
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nazis. now it is providing training for future officers. mark strasman reports. >> on the main course, shiho. >> they were raising sales by hauling lines hand over hand. one more way the eagles seemed to be pulling everyone aboard. when tall ships ruled the high seas. but the eagle, nearly a football field long is really a classroom at full sail. three masts rise 15 stories high. the full time crew of 57 teaches trainees the fundamentals of seamanship. navigation without gps. they charted a course the old-fashioned way. >> 09 come to 190. >> west pulver a 26 year coast guard veteran is the captain of
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the eagle. he is head master and commander. >> it's an opportunity to really take you back to the basics of how people navigated before we had satellites in the sky. >> on this particular day, the eagle was 100 miles off the coast of norfolk. half the sailors got sick. >> we're rolling around, the wind's crazy. you are not going to get that in a classroom. >> the eagle was built in 1936 force lowers in germany. the u.s. seized it as a war reparation and they have literally learned the ropes. matthew marlor spent the last two weeks aboard the eagle. he is halfway through officer candidate school. >> it was definitely an eye-opening experience. >> challenging? >> challenging. i've never been so tired in my life. >> the eagle averages 4 to 5 months a year at sea.
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the trainees that we saw will finish their officer candidate school and graduate in december. tracking inconvenient weather where you live. wusa 9's first alert weather. >> are you enjoying today's weather? i am. it's gorgeous. >> it was cold this morning. well north and west of here. but right now, turned into an absolutely perfect afternoon around here with sunshine dry air and light winds. yesterday was breezy and cool. i hope you get outside. it's stunning. here's a look at our forecast the rest of the day. beautiful shot of washington. doing the repair work. 71 by 3:00. the low to mid 70s for highs and a real nice evening with light winds. sunset is after 7:00. back to 65 by 9:00. and not as cold as this morning but should be back in the mid 50s and low to mid 40s in the suburbs. you can see some of the fog that was
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happening out west in some of the valleys and south of interstate 64. still hanging a little south of 64 but most has now shriveled up. lots and lots of beautiful sunshine. this morning, patchy frost up in western maryland and northern frederick county. got a report there. it was the tin roof on the barn. not so much the grass blades. temperatures upper 30s. 37 winchester. but no frost there. 38. and 39 even in manassas. 41 in dulles. we haven't been this cold since may 14th. currently, 67 but with light winds feels great. 59 in cumberland and even across the bay low to mid 60s. 70 to the south. outside on our michael and son weather camera, lots of sunshine. a beautiful 67. look how dry the air is.
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the humidity down to 42%. north wind at 8 miles an hour. it's great outside. high pressure coming in out of the detroit area. chilly air coming down behind the storm system. we've got the cool stuff. we're watching the moisture that's going to be trying to lift out of the gulf coast. into the southern ohio valley. but with that high pressure behind the storm it acts like a block. it will get into kentucky, maybe west virginia by tomorrow afternoon/evening. for us especially south, that's it. the bigger concern will be into sunday/monday time frame. some of the models are trying to indicate low pressure maybe coming back and spinning off the midatlantic. sunday night into monday. could be quite a beating on the delmarva. cool and breezy and a shower threat will exist on the east side of the area. 75 today, beautiful. tonight, 55. low
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to mid 40s. light winds. tomorrow 78, awesome. 77 on thursday. spectacular. at least through saturday, i got question marks into the sunday/monday time frame. a coastal developments, that's going to change. right now though, mid 70s on monday with a chance of a shower. we're going into the kitchen and not just beef
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better lives for the bison and delicious red meat. i have jill o' brian here. let me
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tell you the segment is sponsored by wild idea buffalo. and she says buffalo is the best red meat. actually, it's the only red meat that is endorsed by the american heart association. >> that's absolutely right. and not all bison is created equal. it's important to know that when you are looking for bison, you look for 100% grass fed. and i know you don't think of that. so we take it a step further and do a humane harvest in the field. no stress to the animal. and all of that care comes through in the taste of the meat. no adrenaline in the animal. no high levels of cortazol. beautiful clean meat. >> people tell me it is very sweat. >> i can't wait for you to try it. >> i have not tasted it but i know a lot of people who are really into bison because it has such flavor. >> it's just excellent.
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it's clean, juicy, tender . we carry all different kinds of cuts. the cut i have for you is a chuck roast lchlt and for this particular recipe, i keep it generic. i cook for just my husband and myself. we can't just eat pot roast all week long. i like to mix it up. this recipe is olive oil, salt, pem r pepper. >> you gave it to me. you can get the recipe for this bison. >> this comes out into your pan, into an oven. >> put a little onion on it. >> onion, if you'd like. drop your temperature down to 375. >> for how long? >> allow it to graze for three hours. you can also do this in a crock pot. wait until you see this. this is so awesome. this just came out of the oven. and just look at how tender this is. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is pull apart fabulous. so prepared this way , you can have pot roast one night, all
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your veggies and good stuff. >> and you even showed us other dishes. >> you can take the left overs and you can use the juices, if you'd like. one of the things i'd like to do is make a cabernet. that is on our web site at we are going to drizzle it. now you have left overs. >> look at this. >> this is barbecue. i've created pulled barbecue buffalo sandwiches. i pulled it finer and pulled tacos. this is a salad for your barbecue. you have three options, one simple recipe. >> out of one dish. >> no time at all and it's delicious and good for you. these recipes are available as well. >> i'm going to put your link at my site. just remember wildideabuffalo. jill says it is so good for you.
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it's healthy and juicy and tender. it doesn't take a lot of time to cook it. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> come back and visit
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[ knock on door ] >> jack: hey! just saw chelsea and the baby! >> adam: you met my son. >> jack: no, i caught a glimpse of them as they were walking away. >> adam: he's a good-looking kid, huh? you want to get out of here? you ready? >> jack: uh, well, i'm as ready as i'm ever gonna be for a meeting with the mustache. >> adam: let's get it over with. >> jack: uh, does all this mean that you've made peace with your ex? >> adam: not on your life. [ door opens ] >> traci: okay. hurry up.


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